Within the redux framework, actions are the basic building blocks that facilitate application activity. Actions follow a pre-defined convention that promote an action type and a type-specific payload. Best practices prescribe that actions should be created by action creators (functions that return actions).

While writing action creators is a simple task, it is tedious and potentially error prone. In addition, one has to define a set of corresponding action types, and somehow promote these pairs (creators/types) throughout your application. And then there is the question of organization: How does one intuitively model actions that are inner-related?

The action-u library addresses all of these areas. Not only does it auto generate your action creators, but it introduces organization to your actions through a JSON-based ActionStruct. This ActionStruct is a key aspect of action-u, it:

  • implicitly defines your action types,
  • instinctively groups related actions,
  • and seamlessly promotes both action creators and types throughout your application.

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