ActionStruct Shapes

The shape of the ActionStruct shape is ultimatly an app-specific requirement.

We have a lot of flexibility in how we organize our ActionStruct. For example, ActionNodes (i.e. action creators) can even contain sub-structure. As a result, we could define the two actions (from our prior example) by removing the display nomenclature, making the userMsg node an action creator, that in turn holds other structure:

  • actions.userMsg(msg)
  • actions.userMsg.close()

This is accomplished by simply removing the display node:


import {generateActions} from 'action-u';

const actions = generateActions({
  userMsg: {
              actionMeta: {
                traits: ['msg']
    close: {
              actionMeta: {}


const userMsg = actions.userMsg('Hello action-u');
      // userMsg yields the following action (which can be dispatched):
      //   {
      //     type: 'userMsg',
      //     msg:  'Hello action-u'
      //   }

const closeIt = actions.userMsg.close();
      // closeIt yields the following action (which can be dispatched):
      //   {
      //     type: 'userMsg.close'
      //   }

console.log(`First  type is '${actions.userMsg}'`);       // yields: First  type is 'userMsg'
console.log(`Second type is '${actions.userMsg.close}'`); // yields: Second type is 'userMsg.close'

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