Why action-u?

This section provides some insight into why action-u was created, and how it compares to other similar utilities.

There are several popular action-based helper utilities, such as redux-actions.

Not only does action-u auto generate your action creators, and promote their corresponding action types, but it introduces organization to your actions through the JSON-based ActionStruct. This ActionStruct is a unique aspect of action-u, it:

  • implicitly defines your action types,
  • instinctively groups related actions,
  • and seamlessly promotes both action creators and types throughout your application.

The action-u library was pulled from a sandbox project (GeekU) that I use to study several technologies and frameworks.

I hope you enjoy this effort, and comments are always welcome.


P.S. If you are wondering what the "-u" stands for, it is merely a succinct suffix that distinguishes a number of my published utilities (soon to come).

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